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Why I love my job - and tips on how you can start loving yours


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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Heineken company.

Few days ago, as I was watching running production lines in our brewery, it crossed my mind - I really love my job. And after that, I started thinking - why is that? Well, here is an answer and maybe also some thoughts and tips, how can you also start to love your job.

My position in Heineken is Contract manager for packaging materials. I have been on this position now for almost two years, and during that time, I gained knowledge on many levels. My insights to that knowledge is so great that it is even hard to imagine. Even if my job description to some people sounds very boring, I can assure you – it is completely opposite. I am creating myself such a great working environment, specially following tips mentioned below. At that opportunity, I would also like to say a big Thank you to all my colleagues, suppliers and other people I have met (no matter of department, country, working field…), as you are also a reason, why it is easy to wake up in the morning, come to work and do my job with confidence and trust. So, with no further a due, here are some tips, which I am trying to follow on a daily basis.

Tip #1 Constant learning

The main reason for loving my job is, that I am working with such a great colleagues, who are always willing to share their knowledge with me. This is why I learned so much about technical characteristics of production lines and materials, about colours and design development, sustainability impact of materials, to financial impact of choosing right or wrong materials. What is more, with my collaboration with so many suppliers, I also had a chance to learn a lot about their production and issues, they might have, if we make wrong choices. All of knowledge I gained, helps me to detect and cope with all the (possible) issues we (could) have, as I learned to think outside the box from very beginning of packaging development.

What is also important, and I am trying to achieve is to try to learn things in your free time, be curious, as you may never know, when you can use some general knowledge at your working field. Instead of watching reality shows, I often open YouTube and watch videos of things, I want to gain knowledge in, and it often helps me understand some principles in our company and also in general world.

Tip #2 Never give up and believe in your project

Yes, I am sometimes very tired, and I also have some sleepless nights, as I am thinking of possible solutions to occurring problems or just simply of possibilities of new materials, packaging, sometimes even machines for production lines or just simply optimisation and simplifying our processes. But when I come to the office and see that there is some progress on project, or even that the project is finished, all tiredness is completely forgotten and with that in mind I gain new energy for new challenges. What is the most important is the mindset, that even if anything goes wrong, you need to believe in finishing project and it simply becomes more achievable. As I say very often – we are running marathon with lots of sprints during it.

On this opportunity I can also share a short story about sticking to project and why I have a wallpaper of Airbus A380 on my laptop. At that time, we were making biggest redesign for one of our main brands – Union, on which we were dealing with so many issues and tight deadlines, that I almost started to fear and believe in sad ending – that we will not be able to finish this project at all. One evening I rewatched documentary about building A380 and started thinking – if those engineers could face much more strict deadlines and had much harder issues than we are having (in aviation, there is simply no room for compromises and mistakes), and still make this aircraft fly, than we can also finish this redesign on time. With my mindset changed, it all become easier – we believed in our product and at the end we successfully finished it. So, with all other projects we are having, I approach with same technique – I believe in it from very beginning

This little story brings us to my third tip – thinking outside the box

Tip #3 Think outside the box

As I am very curious by nature, I also try to learn a lot from the industries, that may be on the first sight completely different than the one I am working in, but still I always try to find some similarities between them, in scope of process optimisation or new way of working. What is perhaps even more important, as I see at my work, it is very helpful to sometimes do some work, which is not necessary mine or (in)directly related to mine, as with this process, I can get insight into others way of working and also helps me to understand some processes, why is something the way it is. For instance – brewery and automotive industry on the first sight doesn’t seem to have much in common, but still, as I am working in Procurement and have a lot of collaboration with Logistics and Planning, I started thinking, how to make all this process of delivering more swift and on time – as well as how big automotive factories organised their production lines.

So, to sum it all up, it is always easy to work, if you are willing to learn new things. Not only from the field you are working in, but also constant learning from all other industries and topics, you are interesting in. The key is to be curious about everything in our life. We must never be afraid of asking questions to our colleagues and we must always listen to them, as even if it may not look like, we can learn a lot from them.

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